Create CMS Site on Cloud within Minutes!

Cloud solution is a trending today due to the reliability, redundancy & flexibility.

Therefore, many people and organizations are looking forward to migrating their CMS sites to well-known cloud hosting, such as Microsoft’s Azure, AWS, Google Cloud.

Setting Up CMS Site

Today, I will bring you through step by step on how we can setup a CMS site on Microsoft Azure within a few minutes! We will use WordPress for this session, but there are more that you can choose from Azure Marketplace.

Don’t believe? Start your timer & Let’s Get Started!


First, login using the account that we have created earlier. If you don’t have one, I think you should create one, just follow my post earlier – “Begin the Journey with Azure“.

Secondly, search “WordPress” on the searchbar. Even though we are using WordPress as an example, there are many well-known CMS platforms, such as Orchard CMS, that you can pick up to continue.


Now, hit Create!

Follow the instructions and fill up all your preferred details. Don’t forget, select MySQL in-App as Database Provider.
*Please also take note this will automatically select Basic App Service plan. All pricing plan exclude Free plan, will allow custom domain.

Finally, click CREATE & sit back, drink a tea/coffee and relax!


After roughly few minutes, you will now see the your CMS Site is created! For my example here,

You may also monitor how your website is performing, adjust your server capabilities based on demand & number of visitors accordingly.

Don’t stop it here, click here to know how to setup your wordpress.

By Marvin Heng
Twitter: @hmheng


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    […] Have you created your own Azure Web App using App Service? If not, you may learn to create one CMS site within minutes by finding out here today! […]

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