My First .NET App for Arduino IoT Device

Internet of Things – “IoT” may be familiar to you, but hands on one IoT hardware is really relatively new to me. Two days ago, I got a chance to have one Arduino Mega 2560 as my test device. Therefore, I had planned to do some really simple with it, lighting up the LEDs with it.

With the advices from my friend, I prepared some components, 3 LEDs and soldered Positive (+) legs with resistor each to avoid burning the LEDs and a simple jumper wire to be soldered to all three LEDs’ negative (-) legs to be connected to the ground of Arduino.

Let’s see the outcome for my hardware preparation


It doesn’t look good though 😛

Now, software application part!

I have created a simple WPF .NET application that makes use of serial IO connection through Serial-USB cable as shown on the above photo. You may download the sample code here. It basically sends an output signal to Arduino sequentially within a while loop. I made it with a speed slider so I can change the interval of LEDs lighting up.

Let’s see the final result!


Next, I would like to take the challenge to integrating it with some AI functionalities like voice command! What do you guys think? If you like it, give me a thumb! You may also share some of your ideas with me at the comment section. 🙂

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  1. December 16, 2017

    […] my previous sharing, I have made my first ever .NET App that connects to Arduino IoT Device to blink LED lights. I also invited everyone to take a challenge to integrate some AI functionalities like voice […]

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