Control Light with Voice Command Using Cognitive Service

In my previous sharing, I have made my first ever .NET App that connects to Arduino IoT Device to blink LED lights. I also invited everyone to take a challenge to integrate some AI functionalities like voice command to the app.

Therefore, I have also been spending little bit of time to understand about Bing Speech API of Microsoft Cognitive Service, the SDK & documentation.

Putting Puzzle Pieces Together

By getting some ideas of that, I am now ready to use Bing Speech API in my app. Exactly the same code, but I renamed it to ArduinoVoiceControl so I will not mess it up while further developing it.


In the latest version of code, I have also added Microsoft.ProjectOxford.SpeechRecognition NuGet Package in order to use the speech detection.

Then, it will handle my voice by sending it to Bing Speech API for processing.

After that, Bing Speech API will return the possible results with its confidence so we can determine which one is the highest possible color.

And finally, based on the result, the App will light up the respective color of LED.

Control Light with Voice Command Using Cognitive Service

Let’s See It in Action!

This video will demonstrate how it works in live.

Next Possible Challenge

Since it is possible to use Bing Speech API, do you think it is possible to make one by using LUIS or Bot to enhance the interaction between us and the device by introducing much natural language? Learn more about LUIS and how I had developed a mobile app that understands your natural language. Leave a comment at below if you have any idea to do with.

Download Sample Code here.

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