AI Enables Light Control with Natural Language Voice Command

Since the first exploration of Artificial Intelligent (AI), I have been thinking about a lot of possibilities that can involve more natural human interaction, such as creating a chat bot on web, on mobile app using BotFramework, LUIS mobile app using LUIS, a PictureTeller app using Vision API, till the very recent one – Voice Command Light Control for Arduino IoT app.

I strongly believe that AI will be getting even smarter, and it will continue unleashing better solutions to empowering more people.


Today, we will be learning how to add natural Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) to enable better Voice Command. This will make your interaction with devices even more nature like human.

To get it work, I have enhanced my WPF app by creating a LUIS app @ and integrating it to my app to understand natural language voice command. You may also learn more about LUIS in my previous post. By combining Bing Speech API and LUIS, my app can now understand  natural language command like “Turn on the red light”, “Turn off the red light” or “What’s the color for love?”. Does it sound interesting to you?

Create LUIS App

First, logon to, sign in your Microsoft Account to create a LUIS app. Add some intents & entities so it can be trained to understand your intention of commands.


Code Your App To Consume LUIS API

After publishing your LUIS app to production, obtains AppID, Subscription Key and API then code then in your app. At the screenshot below, I added function named CheckLuisForAction to actually take response from Bing Speech API, then pass to LUIS API as query and finally get the intent & the possible entities involved.


Seeing It In Action

Let’s see how it works!


I hope you enjoy the video. By adding natural language of understanding technology to your app, it provides a better communication between human and technology. This allows us to develop better application that will benefit people. Got something in mind now? Don’t mind to share with me at my twitter @hmheng. I hope we can use Artificial Intelligence to empower people and bring lot more benefits to our daily life.


Download Sample Code here.

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