Happy New Year 2018

2017 was a challenging year to anyone of us, affecting the world with economic recession, global warming & natural disaster getting more serious and frequent, and also growing threats of cyber security. However, there were many great things we had learnt as well, how cryptocurrency has emerged to be serious investment, machine & deep learning became a great trend ahead, and IoT continued to be one of the major topics that we would need to learn!

Revisit 2017

Let’s recap what we had discussed in a grateful and blessed year 2017 even though there were many challenges and learning.
In summary, we talked about few following topics:


Intelligent Bot on Cloud With Microsoft Bot Framework & Azure MarvinHeng-VoiceControlLightingAppUsingCognitiveServicePlusLUIS-Slide1
IntelligentPictureTellerMobileAppWithComputerVision experience intelligence of technology with Microsoft Cognitive Service

There are a lot of excitements we will do this year. We will continue to discuss and share about the development of Artificial Intelligence related topics, such as Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, IoT and Bot.


Kick Off 2018

To kickstart 2018, I decided to take the challenge and have written my first ever topic about Machine Learning – “Getting Started with Machine Learning on Azure“. I strongly believe Artificial Intelligent with Machine Learning will be getting more and more important till it becomes compulsory not only in the technology industry but all of the businesses! 2018 will be full of delightful possibilities!


I hope all of you will continue to support me. Let’s share and learn from each other in the years to come.

In great starting of year 2018, wishing you and your family a Happy Blessed & Blissful New Year ahead!

new year 2018 greeting


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