Who is Marvin Heng?

Marvin Heng is currently a Web Application – Software Engineer in Singapore. He has over 10 years experience in IT across Windows PC, software engineering, artificial intelligent and cloud solutions. He started his development journey since 2006 with his first web application – HTML, simple JS and CSS, participating in Web Design, PHP web development. Today, he is actively developing Windows Desktop App, Xamarin on Mobile, Web App with .NET and NodeJS, and Cloud based AI & Cognitive Services on Azure & other Cloud provider, as such AWS.

He is an tech geek who loves to think out of the box, non-stop innovating and contributes to the communities. With his strong passion in technologies, he created first Windows Phone Silverlight study group among his college peers, conducted & spoke in various workshops in college and now, he is organizing monthly “Innovation Project” programme within his organization.

In 2013, he was graduated with Bachelor Degree from Campbell University and also a Microsoft Student Partner from Malaysia. Prior to joining as a full-time employee in Hilti, one of the most innovative companies, he earned an opportunity to serve as an intern at the company and he evangelised the usage of Cloud & Sharepoint on Office365. In 2014, he joined a local SME in Sarawak, and helped to transform the business by setting up centralized system and web based solutions. Today, he is working with a multinational SME established in Singapore which allows him to pursuing the innovation journey.


By Marvin Heng
Twitter: @hmheng
Blog: http://hmheng.pinsland.com
GitHub: https://github.com/hmheng